Tuesday, 19 May 2009

State of...Confinement

I don’t think that this term should be able to be used in certain situations. Is Hef “confined” to the playboy mansion? Do kids get “confined” to Disney while on vacation? Not a chance. So why does Michael Vick get “confined” to his house for two months??? His house is valued at close to a million dollars. I’m sure that he has some of the bells and whistles that even my humble little pad has (Wii, X-Box, big screen TV, extensive DVD collection, etc.) and maybe a few more (bowling alley, pool table, arcade, home theatre, etc.).

Under his new release terms Vick is allowed to go to work during the day and come home, but is on "lockdown" from 9pm till 6am. He can go out for church, doctor’s appointments, and other pre-approved necessary trips. While he can’t do some of the fun things that he used to (bowling, bars, parties, dog fights, etc.) I’m sure that he has much of that in his own place. Why go out when you can do that at home?? So basically, Vick is being “confined” to something better than what most people would call everyday life.

This is his current "confinement", but I'm sure that if it's anything like his previous home the inside is acceptable. Good luck with your "punishment" Mr. Vick.

And here is an idea of what his previous home was like:

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