Monday, 7 December 2009

State of...Alleged

So it appears that I’ve been a little busy lately - haven’t posted in over two months! I can say that I’ve been busy getting married, going on a honeymoon, and then getting back into the swing of things…but in reality, nothing has really jumped out at me for a new topic. I can only get so pissed about stupid celebrity baby names, boneheaded athletes, and the mediocre Toronto sports scene – and none of those are really ‘blog worthy’ anyways.

But when I saw the recent Tiger Woods “alleged” incident I had to get something down in writing on this topic. Please keep in mind that all of this is ALLEGED and not based on fact. But hey, if ThirtyMileZone can write about it then why not me?

So it looks like Tiger has been a bit of a dog. Okay a lot of a dog. For a long time. After publicly stating that nothing was more important than his family and being a good father for his kids he goes out and (allegedly) sleeps with no less than three other women. So he stayed true to his ‘till death do us part’ for what, two years?!!? He has (allegedly) betrayed his wife and his vows to her. What a slime ball.

So now it’s up to his wife to decide what to do. Apparently she is being offered between 2 and 50 million dollars to stay in this marriage for another two years. To tell you the truth, I don’t really care if she stays or goes. I can certainly justify going at this point. She has been betrayed, not once, but several times (allegedly) over the past three years. One slip up in five years I could MAYBE understand her staying around to try and fix it…but 30? I’m not sure it’s worth fixing at this point…in fact, I’m not sure if it ever was fixed. It might have been broken from the start.

But it’s not my decision. If she decides to stick it out and get counseling and try to fix what they had (?) then more power to her. But please, PLEASE, don’t take the money to stay. If I were her, and decided to stay, I would make a public announcement that I’m NOT taking the money but I am staying. At this point it’s not like she’s going to be poor if she doesn’t take the money. If she does stay do you think that she will go without anything she wants over the rest of her life? She could come home and say “I want a Ferrari” and my guess is there is a brand new Ferrari parked in the driveway the very next day. She doesn’t NEED the money to stay – she’s already gotten whatever cash she needs. If she decides to stay, and keeps the money is she any different than ‘Pretty Woman’?

I was always a big Tiger fan. He seemed like a good role model; he worked hard, he seemed to have fun doing his job, he always seemed like a nice guy (although I've since heard that he may not be the most fan friendly guy on the Tour). It was a pleasure to watch him play (probably still will be) and to cheer him on (no longer). Everyone is human and prone to make mistakes...but the way this whole thing was handled, I can no longer cheer him on and feel good about myself. It's the same way I had to stop cheering for Mark McGwire. I can't stand cheaters!

I’m very interested to see how this whole situation unfolds. I’m guessing that she leaves him…and gets a fortune while doing it. But THAT’S a whole different topic.


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