Friday, 26 March 2010

State of...Enhancement

Not sure when this transformation took place, but did anyone else notice the makeover that the St. Pauli Girl got recently? I was driving on the highway and passed a beer truck and noticed that she looked a bit different from when I first noticed her - on a side note, the first St. Pauli Girl experience was my 16th birthday with my friend Brendan. We used to get each other a random 6-pack for our birthday (yes, this was before we were "legally" allowed to consume alcohol GASP!). I don't remember who bought the 6-pack this time but I do remember the label.

Either way, I was noticing that she's been put through an image upgrade. I can't tell if she's also been 'uplifted' or not. Initially I thought she'd had an operation to reduce the stress on her back...but now, seeing it next to each other I'm not so sure. See for yourself:

Old St. Pauli

New St. Pauli:


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