Wednesday, 3 June 2009

State of...Disappointment!

So I'm sure you saw this coming. After formally admitting that I'd jumped the gun in judging LeBron James he turns in a performance worthy of my dislike.

The few people who read this know how I feel about the post series handshakes. After battling your opponent for 4-7 games I think it shows a tremendous amount of respect when you shake their hands. Win like a champ, lose like a champ.

LeBron, after his Cavaliers lost to the Orlando Magic decided that he was better than the game and didn't have to participate in this time honored tradition. Shame on you "King". Yes, you're young. Yes, you were upset that your team lost. Yes, at that exact moment the last people you wanted to congratulate was the Magic players. You claim to be a "winner"...but winners don't behave like this. At least, not the ones who I want my kids looking up to.

I'm very disappointed in James. I thought that he was better than this. Maybe I was wrong. I hope that some of the great leaders in this sport take it upon themselves to call LeBron and explain what "class" means. Maybe that's what he missed by skipping college?

Bev/Bitch: care to weigh in on this. He's your boy - can you defend this???


  1. Comment... attempt 2. Too long in attempt 1.

    LeBron was all about winning it all this season, 8-0 after the first two rounds, there is no way LeBron was mentally prepared to lose this series.... thus the behaviour, which is understandable in my mind.

    Secondarily, I don't buy into the importance of the post-series handshake. An over-rated experience.

    Thirdly, Bitch, if you're upset with LeBron's behaviour in losing, what about the Crosby flap in winning? With the Lidstrom anger about the post-series handshake... Just saying, it's an interesting juxtaposition.

  2. He wasn't mentally prepared to lose??? What the hell does that mean? I don't want players who are mentally prepared to lose. But that doesn't give you the right to be a dick about losing. Win with grace, lose with grace.

    The post game handshake is all about RESPECT. I'm not saying it's "important" but it shows class. Helping an old lady across the street isn't necessarily IMPORTANT per se, but it shows class and respect. Something LeBron has to learn a bit more about.

    As for Sid. I haven't seen the tape, but I've heard a lot of commentary on HNIC Radio. It sounds like he was pulled aside to do an immediate interview, and when he looked back half the team was already in the dressing room. From what they said, his face showed that he was upset he missed it. I'm not giving him a free pass until I see it for myself, which is why I hadn't commented on it. If it does indeed show that, then it seems like a simple mistake of timing. If he looks like he doesn't care then I will rip him for it. I can't be a hipocrite here.

    Now go help an old lady across the street Bitch!

  3. "His face showed that he was upset he missed it"... WTF Bitch. That is the worst cop-out to protect your beloved sport of hockey I have ever heard (and I have heard many from you).

    Talk about the aw shucks explanation.

    If you're going to throw LeBron under the bus, you have to put Crosby right there with him. Even if you have yet to see the clip, your "win with grace, lose with grace" philosophy must ultimately point to the fact that, Crosby chose to take an interview at the moment that he should have been MOST concerned with showing the Red Wings respect. Instead, Crosby chose to selfishly bask in the limelight of the moment in a television interview.

    Help your own old lady across the street.