Wednesday, 1 July 2009

State of...Disappointment - Part II

Well, I got called out by my good friend Bitch. Upon reading his review of my LeBron rant he made a potentially valid point regarding Sid the Kid. I had to go back to the tape and watch the incident. If you recall, I relayed what I had heard on Hockey Night in Canada Radio in which they said they saw that Sidney showed remorse regarding missing the handshake after the Cup series. Here is what I saw (after a multiple viewing no less!):

Sidney did NOT show any remorse from missing the first half of the Detroit Red Wings team. In fact, in the background of the handshake line you can see Sid skating in front of the bench and NOT in an interview like it was claimed. While the US feed of this incident didn't show an interview at all, the Canadian feed could have.

Either way, Sidney should know better. And if he has the chance to skate by the bench then I would be shocked if he didn't see that the handshake lineup was in full effect. While I don't think that it was deliberate, I am left without a real explanation as to why he missed this. Without a reason I am forced to believe that either Sidney just messed up or he felt like he had some reason to display a lack of respect to the Wings. Perhaps this stems from last years handshake??? I guess we'll never know.

Either way, I am man enough to admit that what I saw did in fact disappoint me. I thought Crosby had more class or smarts than that. It appears that both he AND LeBron have some growing up to do. To his credit, Sid did participate in roughly half of the ceremony. LeBron didn't do ANY handshakes. He showed NO respect to his least Sid showed some. Small victory, but a victory nonetheless.



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