Thursday, 9 July 2009

State of...Egomania

I was beginning to think that my gut was leading me astray, but it's good to know that I've still got it. A few months ago I posted about LeBron. I was a little harsh on him at the time and when I saw a nice interview a few weeks later I decided that I had been too quick to judge. Well, boy was I wrong!

This guy is an out-of-control egomaniac! Reports are coming out (here) that LeBron recently had an embarrassing moment. He was dunked on by a college kid in a friendly game of pickup basketball. Apparently there were two camera men filming the event when the dunking took place. LeBron called over his representative from Nike and a minute later that same rep asked both camera men for their tapes.

There were no issues with the filming of this UNTIL the King was dunked on. And of course we can't have THAT getting out in the public can we? Much better to have a story come out that you are an EGOMANIAC!!! What, you can't handle that someone was able to dunk on you? All the greatest players have had these moments - but you don't see Michael Jordan asking to have the tapes destroyed. It happens, get over it you scum-bag!

LeBron, you're never going to be perfect. Nobody is. Michael Phelps got beaten in the pool (by a Canadian no less) a few weeks ago. You didn't see him whine about it and ask for people to cover it up. The great Albert Pujols even strikes out from time to time. You don't see him keeping it quiet. It's VERY rare that I agree with Skip Bayliss, but he nailed it this time.

You are a whiny toddler and I can't stand you. I was right about you months ago when I called you out. You are a self serving, classless, ego maniacal douche-bag! I hope you never win a championship. Get a life.


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