Sunday, 16 May 2010

State of Playoffs - Round Three

For the life of me I can't seem to pick an Eastern Conference winner. Once again I am upset by both teams and am now left torn. This is no easy task for a Torontonian living in Philly. But here goes...

Montreal Canadiens vs Philadelphia Flyers:
As a Toronto Maple Leafs fan I cannot, and will not, ever cheer for the Montreal Canadiens. It just CAN'T happen. The world would turn on its axis. Fire and brimstone would rain down upon us. So...I can't CHEER for the Canadiens. But that doesn't mean that I can't PICK them to win. Halak has been the goalie of the playoffs and has kept his team going. They've taken down the top ranked offense in Washington and the defending Stanley Cup Champs in Pittsburgh. They must be licking their chops at facing the 7th ranked Flyers. One win away from playing for the Cup. I won't cheer for the Canadiens...but I think they get past the Flyers in a very close series.
Canadiens in Six

Chicago Blackhawks vs San Jose Sharks:
I've been saying all along that these are the top two teams in the West. This series is going to be so much fun to watch. If any people out there aren't sure about what hockey is all about - WATCH THIS SERIES!!!! Both teams play high intensity hockey with fast paced skill players. That being said, I like San Jose more this year - and think they've finally found themselves. This will be their toughest test to date as Chicago can really play. They can FLY, they can score, they can play D. They really are the complete team...but they are a tad young to be taking down the playoff experienced Sharks. The Sharks are starting to believe that they can win in the playoffs (finally) and I don't see anyone stopping them this year. They win this round and then continue on to hoist Lord Stanley's mug.
Sharks in Six

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  1. The Blackhawks have HAVI.... They'll win...