Sunday, 6 March 2011

State of...Exercising

I came to a slightly sad realization today. Swimming (on your own) is pretty boring. There, I said it. I swam competitively for nearly 20 years, logging in more miles in the pool than I care to calculate. At one point we had established that I'd swum around the world and was working on my second loop. That is crazy.

So how, after all those years, did I overcome my "black line fever" to determine that this exercise is truly mind numbing? Well, here goes...

Several weeks ago I got the itch to get back in the pool. It probably all started watching a recent World class swimming event (Worlds, Olympics, etc.) and realized that I wanted to get back at, albeit very casually. So I set up a time and place to get a few laps in. I started swimming once per week and was starting to build up my endurance, which was at an embarrassing level.

Well, today comes and it's kind of a gross day out; gloomy, rainy, and a little cold. The pool is about 30 minutes away and I have very little desire to do much other than curl up on the couch and watch a movie (or let's be real, the Flyers/Rangers game). But at the same time I have that nagging feeling in my belly that I probably "should" go and do some form of activity. So as I'm sitting on the couch my mind goes through the following struggles: do I feel about swimming right now? Well, I don't really feel like getting wet. It's pretty far away. To be honest, the concept of just going back and forth doesn't really interest me. I wish there was a way to have SportsCenter on while I was swimming. But I need to do something.

So I start going through the list of other potential activities: running (outside is not really an option with it raining, so treadmill only), elliptical machine, swim cords downstairs, and that's about it. If going outside really were an option then we could play tennis, go biking, roller blading...all sorts of fun activities.

So between exercising at the gym and going to the pool, my mind can't even comprehend this being a tough decision. I could go work out and watch TV or listen to Sirius radio....or I could go to the gym and have 6o minutes of going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, etc. I can justify a LOT of things in my mind...but I can't, for the life of me right now, justify that swimming is a more fun activity right now.

Even with a commitment to join a team triathlon in a few months, I can't bring myself to do it (today). The idea is just too boring to me. This makes me sad (a little). How did I do it for 20 years, twice per day? That's insane. Now granted, that swimming was always with other people (friends even) so it was more of a social environment. If I'd had to do it all by myself all those years would I have even made it through the month? I'm just not sure. It's THAT boring to me right now.

So my decision is made. Elliptical machine and some swim cords it is. Hopefully next time it won't be that tough of a decision.


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